Sony Playstation: EyePet – Your Virtual Pet (coming in late 2009)

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Cute virtual pet for PS3, reacting in real-time to actions in front of the in-built camera „PlayStation Eye“. We are talking about consumer-friendly Augmented Reality here.

From the press release:

What makes a pet real? Introducing EyePet, the virtual pet that follows your every movement and command…(…) Working in ‘Augmented Reality’, EyePet is fully aware of people in the room and will interact with you and your environment. Place an object in front of the camera that EyePet hasn’t seen before and it’ll know exactly what to do with it, give it something new and it’ll examine it thoroughly. Tickle it by waving your fingers in front of the camera: it laughs, poke it: it jumps, roll it a ball: EyePet chases around the screen after it. (…)


How Intelligent Have Second Life AIs Become? [New World Notes]

How Intelligent Have Second Life AIs Become? [New World Notes]

The answer is: not very. Hamlet Au describes his conversation with a “robotar”, a computer controlled avatar and chatbot. He was mostly impressed by the nonverbal movements the helper bot made – she turned in his direction, for example – but there are some bot applications/services available today which allow these things (Pikkubot for example). I should tell him about it, but right now I’ve got to catch a movie 🙂

Justin Gibbs wrote an interesting article about NPCs and their role in our future digitized life and I couldn’t agree more with his thoughts.