Papermint: „You know – for kids!“ teens made of paper in a 3D cartoon world

I dismissed Papermint earlier as too simple (flat people in the age of life-like 3D graphics??) because up to date I only saw screenshots of this weird little virtual world built by Austrian company Avaloop. But when I watched the video above (made by a creative Papermint user called Seppl – skip over the first 30 secs) I got their special drift and think I finally see why kids and teens find it interesting…I never thought I’d say it, but maybe it doesn’t have to be 3D all the way to have fun in social virtual worlds 😉

papermint people

Papermint people: click on „watch movie“ in the upper left corner of their homepage, it’s a cute and entertaining demonstration why flat people sometimes have all the advantages…

Papermint Homepage >>


Teaching language to robots – let them learn like kids do and then teach each other

Plymouth University researchers will build two robots using hardware and software allowing them to interact with humans and each other to exchange learned information like humans. They are equipped with cameras, speakers,  microphones and tracking devices in order to learn about nonverbal communication (gestures, pointing) and the meaning of words just like childrens would. The goal of the project is to teach concepts to robots including the meaning of words and enable them later to teach each other. The robots will then use the Internet as a medium to interact and are no longer limited by the slow real world to do “show and tell” teaching. Nice!

Teaching language to robots – let them learn like kids do and then teach each other >>